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Insurance Coverage for RV Owners

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Insurance Coverage for RV Owners

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What Makes Us Different?

We’ve partnered with the RV insurance experts at FCIS Insurance to provide owners with a comprehensive portfolio of coverage options at some of the most competitive rates around. Put their 40+ years of RV insurance knowledge to work for you as you take to the open road.

We Insure All Brands and Models of RVs

Coverage Options

RV and Auto Insurance are very different. Auto insurance policies include bodily injury, property damage and physical damage coverage if applicable. Proper RV insurance takes these basics and adds coverages that make it more comprehensive than a traditional auto policy.

  • Coverage Options: Vacation Liability

    Vacation Liability

    Liability that covers the insured when they are parked at a campsite.

  • Coverage Options: Personal Effects

    Personal Effects

    Coverage for items you bring into the RV when you use it as a residence.

  • Coverage Options: Full-timer's Liability

    Full-timer's Liability

    Like the coverage offered through vacation liability, but includes more comprehensive personal liability if you used the RV more than 150 days per year.

  • Coverage Options: Special Awning & Windshield Coverage

    Special Awning & Windshield Coverage

    Valuable coverage for awnings and windshields that isn’t subject to your comprehensive deductible.

  • Coverage Options: Diminishing Deductible

    Diminishing Deductible

    For each year that you’re claim-free, you will receive credit toward your deductible with applicable carriers.

  • Coverage Options: Emergency Expense

    Emergency Expense

    This can vary by carrier, but this coverage provides lodging and meals when an insured is unable to use their RV due to a covered peril.

Additional FCIS Products

In addition to our portfolio of RV insurance coverage options, FCIS can also provide owners with additional coverage considerations.

Pet Insurance
Your pet is part of your family, protect them with the best pet healthcare. Coverage can help pay for surgeries, prescriptions, and routine care at veterinarians nationwide.
Trip Cancellation
Are you planning the trip of a lifetime? Avoid the cost of having to return home early or not being able to go Plan for the unexpected with trip cancellation insurance.
Mexico Coverage
If you're heading to Mexico, make sure your RV is properly covered. Mexican law requires proof of liability from a Mexican domiciled insurance company. We can assist in attaining proper coverage for your RV and autos.

Settlement Options

If your RV is determined to be a total loss following a claim, your final payout will be handled according to policy guidelines. We can help ensure your policy meets your needs.

  • Actual Cash Value

    Value on the policy is the current market value of the RV and it is subject to depreciation at the time of a loss.

  • Agreed Value

    Secures an established amount on the RV through a bill of sale or appraisal. It is not subject to depreciation.

  • Total Loss Replacement

    During the first five model years if the RV is deemed a total loss, the carrier will replace the unit with a similar make/model to the insured unit. The original purchase price of the RV is used as a settlement in the following years, the number of years differs by carrier.

Additional Protection

Your RV may be your full-time home or your home away from home. We have options to provide the best protection—beyond your traditional RV insurance policy.

  • Winnebago Roadside Assistance

    Comprehensive roadside coverage, including unlimited mileage to the nearest qualified repair facility, 24/7 technical support, 24/7 physician access.

  • Winnebago Tire & Wheel Protection

    Sign and drive coverage for all tire hazards. Unlimited dollar limits for tire repair or replacements.

  • Winnebago Extended Protection

    Coverage for engine, transmission, brake, and steering components. Can include interior coverages for appliances, entertainment systems and more.

We’re Here to Serve You

We understand and embrace the RV lifestyle. We employ specialists who understand the needs of RV owners and can help you find the ideal coverage for your unit and lifestyle. Request your free quote by calling or emailing today:

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